Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Right Time

I wasn't going to go to the library yesterday. We popped in on the way home from somewhere else. As we got ready to head home again, I was buckling up car seats when I noticed a little boy, only a year or so old, running alone. He gleefully ducked in to some buses and hid. He giggled at his cleverness. I assumed he was playing a game with someone. I started reversing as he jumped up again and started running further away and hid in a bigger bush, but no one else seemed to be playing. I drove past slowly and couldn't see any adults. I found the nearest park. 

Across the car park I spotted a mother frantically looking for her son, calling out, questioning strangers. I recognised her raising panic instantly and called out. How quickly your fears grown when your child has left your sight in public. How awful it is when you can't find them. I called out and pointed. She ran to me as I chatted to the boy in the bush. She ran to the other side, perhaps hoping I'd flush him out, but the cheeky monkey ran out between us. I ran after him and with luck he tripped and fell just a foot from the road. His mother swept him up with a flood of relief as she recalled his sudden disappearance, her car wide open with her handbag on the seat, her thanks.

I'm glad we went to the library yesterday. 
Sometimes you are just in the right place at the right time. 

Friday, March 27, 2015

Squeezing In Creativity

My how the days roll by, dissected by school pick ups and drop offs, divided again by groceries, laundry. dishes, cooking, errands, amongst the priorities of a 9 month old, a three year old and a six year old. What a busy season of life we are in, this beautiful family of mine. 

At times my days feel like they are merely a repetition of chores. I'm not complaining. Just observing. There is just always so much to 'do' to as a Mother, some weeks it seems as if it's all I do. I feel that that's why I squeeze in as much creativity as possible. A moment here with a cup of tea and blog post, a moment there stopping to take a photo, an afternoon here working at the jewellery bench, an evening there drawing in my sketch book. There are no great swathes of uninterrupted time to devote to creativity in the life of a stay at home Mother. No thought or project that isn't interrupted by the demand of a drink, the changing of a nappy, the cry of an offended sibling. 

But there are moments, hours, afternoon and evenings, here and there, now and then, where one must squeeze in as much as possible, to balance out the satisfying monotony of a life well lived.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Custom Order - Sapphire Pendant

My parents found this Parti Sapphire while fossicking on their travels in Northern Queensland some time ago. The rough was cut in a local town, and faceted in to this beautiful stone. A deep green with flashes of yellow. When a client was looking for a special gift to travel overseas recently, this gem came to mind immediately. Set in an elegant 9ct gold four claw setting, this beautiful pendant makes for the perfect gift and a simple and lovely piece that can be worn every day.


If you are interested in having a piece custom made, please click over to my Work With Me page.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Jewellers Bench Inspiration

Jamie Lyn

Studio spaces. Sigh. Much like sketchbooks, I could look at them all day long. Even better, exploring other artists work spaces in real life. My twin sister has had the honor of visiting Brett Whiteley's studio in New South Wales, as well as Allan Ginsberg's apartment in New York. While my own workshop snooping has involved Margaret Olley and lesser known, but no less fascinating, artists. 

Are you also fond of a studio snoop?

Monday, March 16, 2015

Custom Made Opal Pendant

This beautiful Opal cabochon has been waiting at least thirty years to be worn. It was brought back from Coober Pedy by my client's Grandfather as a gift for her Grandmother. It remained tucked away for safe keeping, in a little case, long after both grandparents had passed away. 

Working with my client, we decided to set this little treasure in a simple, classic four claw pendant. The design saw pierced on the back of the setting is a stylised Sage flower. Sage flowers symbolise 'wisdom', which has same meaning as her Grandmother's name. A lovely link to the history of the Opal.

I'm so pleased to have had a part in this Opal's journey. I know it will be worn and loved and have many more stories to tell.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Facebook Sale!

Was $45 
Sale $20

 Was $50
Sale $25

Was $280
Sale $140 with free shipping

I have been putting aside several pieces in the workshop that are no longer in my online shop, and I have decided to put them all together in a Facebook Sale Album at dramatically discounted prices. This is my first ever Facebook Sale! There are beads, cuff links, rings, earrings and pendants!
The sale starts on Thursday night, 7.30pm, Queensland time (8.30pm Daylight Savings Time). You can find the Facebook Sale Album here. Comment after 7.30 with your PayPal address or write 'Direct Deposit' to win an item and I will send you an invoice or bank details.
There is a $10 flat shipping fee on all sales, local and international, no matter how many pieces you purchase. So whether you are in Sydney or New Zealand, you will pay no more than $10 for postage.
There is also FREE SHIPPING on combined purchases over $100!
Set a reminder in your phone and get online at 7.30 tomorrow night to pick up a bargain or two!
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