Thursday, September 3, 2015

Forgetting Kindness

Surrounding myself with beauty - $6 well spent at the grocery store I think, for this potted Kalanchoe. :)  #flowersmakemesmile

Feeling grateful for chubby baby cheeks perfect for kissing, vegetable soup on a cool day, my favourite outrageously orange thrifted cardigan, blueberries growing on the deck, and the prospect of sitting quietly with my knitting and a cup of peppermint te

Asked by the lovely @mooseandbird to share one #fromthecuttingroomfloor Windowsill ephemera that caught my eye last week. Want to join in too? @harrietbyhand @belyndahenryart @evie_barrow
I'm re-posting this blog post from August last year, as just over a year later and I find myself in the same kind of place where I forget to be kind to myself and I hit a wall. Perhaps, like me, you need a reminder right now to change your mindset in order to lighten your load.


Do you ever take a step back and look at the cycles that keep reoccurring in your life? Like the continual cycle of finding balance, maintaining balance, loosing balance and finding balance again? I've become aware of several such cycles lately and by paying attention to them, I have been making progress on changing the things I can change, and trying to accept those things I can't. One such cycle for me revolves around my expectations of myself. When things are running smoothly I expect a lot from myself. As I meet these expectations I expect more, and more, until I have put so much pressure on myself that I hit a wall. Then I have to stop, lower my expectations and be kinder to myself. I found that wall on Monday. As a result I have been reminding myself what being kind to myself means, and I think we all need that reminder sometimes.

Eat right, sleep right, exercise right
We all know it, but it's the first thing that tends to get out of balance when we are busy, and it's the thing we need to get right to feel rested, energised, and mentally and physically healthy.

Cut yourself some slack
It's time to lower your expectations, take the time frame away from the to-do list, prioritise the things that matter and practice self-compassion. Ask yourself, does 'this' matter to anyone else but me?

Let down the mask and others will too
It's easy to think that everyone except you has it all together, but the moment you open up about your perceived failings, you will find that others are experiencing them too, or are faced with their own struggles.

Take time to talk
To your partner, your family, your friends, and even strangers. A problem shared really is a problem halved. Turn off the tv and talk about your day, meet for coffee and discuss parenting tactics that are working, go for a walk and reminisce about happy memories from the past. Talking helps us feel understood and supported, and it often helps us work through what's troubling us, and find solutions.

Practice being in the moment and quieting your monkey mind
Mindfulness. Meditation. They are both ways of calming and focusing your mind. My mind goes 100 miles and hour and is full of to do lists, anxieties, future plans and a whole array of random thoughts that my brain presents to me unbidden. The mind is a machine that never stops working, not even when we sleep. So trying to quieten that machine is difficult, and I am still learning. But taking a few moments each day to really focus on a task you are doing, or sit quietly and focus on your breathing while recognising your thoughts and letting them go again can help you better manage stressful situations.

Stop comparing 
Comparison is the death of happiness, so stop comparing yourself to others. You can't have everything, do everything or be everyone, so be you. Everyone has different priorities, different goals and a different path. Keep working on finding your own. If someone has something, or achieves something, that makes you jealous, ask yourself if it's because you have that goal too, and keep working towards it.

Cut out the negativity, without and within
This is such an important one for me. If you surround yourself with supportive positive people, you will have a happier time than being surround by negative or toxic people. Take the time to recognise this people and let go of them from your life. I have also cut out watching the news, as it is filled with negativity and new horrors daily, and now I curate my own news content by reading the news online. Most importantly, question your inner dialogue. Negative thinking, negative fortune telling and beating yourself up will undermine all your hard work. Your monkey mind will throw all sorts of ideas at you, but you can ask yourself - Is this true? Is this helpful? Is this something I can change? If not, let it go. Don't forget to praise your own achievements.

Modest splurge (I learnt this from The Happiness Project)
Be kind to yourself by treating yourself to a modest splurge. It doesn't have to be a financial splurge, it might just be allowing yourself a time slurge, to do something you enjoy. It might be that you give yourself the night off from cooking and use that time to knit instead. Perhaps you want to take yourself out to a movie, get a massage, enroll yourself in a class, or shop for new shoes. I love modest splurges on things like stationary and books, because I don't feel guilty about having nice pens to use, or good books to read.

So here's to being kinder to ourselves, and in turn, kinder to those around us.
I'd love to hear what you would add to this list. xx

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

New In The Shop - Haiku Necklace

I'm so excited to share with you a new piece that I have been working on! The 'Haiku' is a minimalist sterling silver pendant in nine variations that was released in the shop today. 
As the weather warms up in the southern hemisphere, and Spring buds start to blossom, I was inspired to create a piece to accompany the shift from Winter coats to Summer necklines. The 70 cm length chain means the Haiku can easily be slipped over your head to be worn with dresses, singlets or blouses. The minimalist design, and silver and oxidised tones, easily accessorise with your staples over the warmer months.
From iced coffee cafe treats, to afternoon beach side walks, this go to piece will instantly add charm to any outfit. There are nine variations to choose from, which include straight and curved pendants, with polished, textured or oxidised finishes.
Click over to the shop to make one yours now!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sneak Peek - Haiku Pendants

Sneak peek - 'Haiku' pendants. Polished, brushed, textured and oxidised. There are nine individual designs in these sterling silver minimalist pendants, hung on 70 cm chains.

The 'Haiku' pendant is launching soon! Sign up to my newsletter for exclusive access and be the first to know when they're in the shop.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

About Me

It's tricky to condense ones sense of self and ones creative ambitions in to just a few paragraphs. But yesterday I spent some time re-writing my About page, trying to do just that. I want these paragraphs to make sense to those who have been following me for some time, and also for those who may have only just stumbled upon my work. I hope I have found that balance and I truly value your feed back! 

Thanks, as always, for taking the time to share my journey and check in and add your thoughts. xx


I'm Christina Lowry and I design meaningful jewellery pieces for men and women who embrace a classic, refined style. Each piece is carefully hand crafted in my Brisbane workshop using recycled silver and gold. By combining my fine art university training and my traditional metal smithing skills, I am able to design and make unique pieces for my clients that reflect their own understated elegance in ready to wear or bespoke items.

My clients are men and women who are searching for unique wedding rings, precious gifts, repairs or redesigns for existing pieces of jewellery or strands of pearls that need re-threading, as well as a one of a kind pieces incorporating their own pearls or gemstones.
From concept and design, to execution and presentation, I work with each client to create future heirlooms, documenting and sharing the entire process with them.

My blog is a collection of my creative work, inspiration and musings on motherhood and life.

Find out more by signing up to my newsletter and following me on Instagram.

I'd love it if you left a comment so that I know you've visited and we can connect in this wonderful online community. :)

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Custom Ordered Wedding Rings

I'm celebrating the addition of wedding rings to my online shop, and I would love you to click over and browse through the new collection! 
Each of the nine rings is customisable, so you can add your own creative vision to the creation of your special piece.
To order, choose your design and metal type and add it to your cart. Add a $2 ring sizer to determine your ring size. I'll post the ring gauge out to you and as soon as I have your size I will get started on making your ring. Already know your ring size? Great! Just leave a note at checkout with your size and allow 2-3 weeks for your ring to be made to order and delivered.
If you decide on a listed style in a different width, a different metal type, of the addition of engraving, send me an email and I will provide a quote and list your custom order in the store once you give me the go ahead.
Browse the collection here and email me at
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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

New In The Shop - Wedding Rings

How many times have you been searching for something in particular and though you couldn't describe it, you knew you would know it when you saw it? Like the perfect pair of shoes to match an outfit. The right bedspread for your bedroom. A gift for a loved one. After thirteen years in the jewellery industry I have found it's the same for wedding rings. 

So many people are a bit lost in the woods when it comes to choosing a wedding ring, but when they see the right one, they know it! I've custom made many wedding rings over the years, working on the design with the client. But to make the process easier, I have created a collection of wedding rings and listed them in my store. Each is available to be custom ordered in your chosen metal (Silver, 9ct or 18ct, White, Yellow or Rose gold), your chosen width and finger size. I've listed several combinations of metal and widths in the store, but as the combinations are endless, you need only contact me for a quote on your desired design. The addition of Diamonds, gemstones or engraving are also possibilities when creating a wedding ring that you will love wearing and which says something about you and your love.

Browse the new collection here and get in contact with me by emailing me at I would love to take the confusion out of choosing a wedding ring and create a unique, handmade ring, just for you.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Australian Ceramics Open Studio

It's not very often you get to wander around an artist's workshop, peer in to their collections of tools, discuss their gallery of work, while also making and decorating your very own clay plate. But so was my day yesterday. In a picturesque Brisbane street, with trees yawning over the road, a cat languidly crossed from one side to another as I walked up to a tall Queenslander. One might not expect the hive of creative activity on it's ground floor. 

Five kilns line up at attention in Stephanie Outridge Field's Studio. A gallery ringed with white plinths supports work from learned hands. While the work space features work concerned with motifs of home, leaves and texture. Amid the blocks of clay, pots of colour and works of art, one is invited to try their hand at smoothing, cutting, soothing and decorating their very own plate, under the guidance of Rachel Cramer. And what a joy that was! The cold soft clay. The tips and techniques. The act of making. I was reminded that I am more at home working with metal than I am with clay! But I thoroughly enjoyed it.  

My lovely, wonky plate supported a painted and pricked out doily inspired design - of course - which I am so excited to see dried and fired. I could not resist Rachel's scallop textured cups and a faceted sculpture/bowl created by Stephanie. They will be well loved additions to my collection. Indeed, I hope one day to have a few more pieces of my own making fired in those very kilns...

Many thanks again to Stephanie and Rachel, and to Australian Ceramics for organising the Open Studio weekend. If you are local to Clayfield, Brisbane, pop in today (Sunday, 16/2/15), or else check out the other open studio's being hosted all around Australia today.
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