Friday, February 17, 2012




You'd be forgiven for thinking it was Winter in these parts, rather than mid Summer, given all the knitting of late. I can't seem to see my way to any other craft. I do believe a part of me is trying to fit in as many stitches as I can before the baby comes.

These wrist warmers made it off the needles yesterday. My first every double pointed needle project and a great way to learn. Definitely one I would encourage others with a fear of dpns to try. They were much simpler than anticipated, quick and satisfying. My next step is more practice, in order to alleviate the 'ladders' formed where the needles meet, which are visible when worn. This article also seems like a great place to start.

The little man has been wearing these around the house and waving his arms around like some sort of woolly action hero, exclaiming 'mine, mine!' Which may explain why he kept asking 'knit for me?' while I was working on them. He seems to have ignored all my "no, they're for Mama" answers.

Free Pattern: Toast
Yarn: Harmony 10 ply, 100% Pure NZ Merino Wool


  1. I love the colour you've chosen. I really admire your knitting, it's beautiful Christina. Have a lovely weekend. x

  2. I really love the colour that you've chosen, such a nice warm grey. I really admire your knitting Christina, it's beautiful. Have a lovely weekend. x

  3. Lovely colour Christina.
    Magic loop is great for small circular knitting like mittens. It takes some getting used to (at least it did for me) but now I only use DPN's when I have to like for hats. Knitting is great with a new born. If you choose a small project not the baby blanket or an aran cabled jumper, and probably not one on DPN's. It is easy to fit in a few rows while babe sleeps on the couch next to you.
    Thinking of you xxxx

  4. I really love the soft colour grey you've used. Beautiful knitting Christina. Have a lovely weekend. x

  5. It looks pretty difficult to me alright. It does seem a bit funny knitting in summer, but you've inspired me to get started too, as I'm so slow that whatever I'm wanting to knit for winter only ever makes it to its destination at the end of winter! It makes sense for me to get started early! Thanks for your last comment on my blog too, we'll get there!

  6. I agree, magic loop on circular is so much easier!
    beautiful colour :-)


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