Friday, March 9, 2012

Around here



Purple bean harvest

Quiet days watching the four part BBC series 'Emma'
Reading the delightful 'The Paper Garden: Mrs Delaney Starts Her Life's Work at 72', found via Alicia's recommendation
Welcoming the new season with a new knit, Autumn Leaves (Ravelry.)
Dada and Cohen time outdoors, Mama and bubba time indoors
Feeding throughout the day and sleeping most of the night
Friends and family visiting to meet Emerson, while spoiling us with gifts and pastries
Adjusting to being surrounded by pink after so long surrounded by blue
My first purple bean harvest from the veggie patch (which has sadly filled with weeds during my confinement)
And of course, lots of baby gazing.


  1. Ahh, sounds nice! But seriously now, did you take that first photo yourself.. cos it's ruddy amazing girlie - talented!!

    1. Thanks Rie. Might be because of the Canon Digital SLR I've been borrowing since our camera broke. It takes some lovely photos. :)

  2. Loving the sound of your days Christina...absolute bliss!

  3. Emma is one of my favourite Austen texts. What a lovely way to spend you days... this is such a magical time.

    1. I quite enjoyed the series and the sleeping children which made watching it possible. :)


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