Monday, November 5, 2012

10 lovely things


black russain

cherry toms

seed tin







1. New bangles
2. The first of the Black Russian and Roma tomatoes
3. One of the last baskets full of cherry tomatoes from the garden
4. A home for my seeds (On sale for $10 at Spotlight)
5. 'Afternoon tea' beads wrapped in vintage sewing patterns and off to their new homes
6. Another amazing sunset
7. The first rose from my garden
8. Parsley flowering
9. Ready for the oven
10. My little love


  1. Everything is just lovely! I need me one of those seed containers and I want me some of your beautiful beads! Hope your day is lovely :) x

  2. I love those bangles! Gorgeous. I really need to make myself some more jewelry.

  3. lots of lovely! I saw those bangles somewhere recently, love them!
    ..and look at your cheery girl xx

  4. I love those bangles Christina they are really lovely and that seed container is such a great idea. And your little one, what a happy smile she has. Have a lovely day. xx

  5. When Emerson smiles I always find myself smiling back at my computer screen! Lovely pics!

  6. Oh there is so much loveliness in your world Christina!
    Love the bangles and that heart warmer.

  7. So many beautiful things... but by far and without doubt the last one is the most wonderful.

    My babes had that bonds suit too... I notice they don't make them anymore. Perhaps not such a great idea the weird way it goes on and off ;)


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