Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Shop Update!


I have been happily and busily at work in the creation of these handmade beads. As a result there are several new colourful necklaces in the shop today. They make a fun addition to an outfit or a lovely gift. They also work beautifully as a feeding/teething necklace for little ones, as they are non-toxic, colourful, smooth and can handle the attention.

You can find them all here.


  1. They're lovely..all of them! I bought some fimo the other day inspired by all your efforts! I'm hoping to make some Christmas decorations.

  2. Beautiful! I received my parcel today and just had to keep one for myself! My middle guy loves it too, he couldn't help touching it, said it looked delicious and could he taste it! x

    1. I saw Cohen sneaking a bead near his mouth yesterday, just checking what it tasted like I guess! Yeah for non-toxic materials. :)

  3. you have been busy! so lovely christina. your blog is looking ace too. im not sure if ive commented before or if it's new but i'm really like the image in your header : )

  4. I love the bright summery look to them. My fimo arrived just today, and next week I'll give it a go. I'm hoping to make them as xmas pressies for the females in the family. I'm thinking the nieces will like miniature versions. Though I highly doubt mine will be to the standard of yours :)

  5. these beads are beautiful ... off to check out your little shop x

  6. The necklaces are really beautiful, great job!

  7. I love these so much! So clever, you are.

    rachel xo


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