Friday, November 9, 2012

Swap Progress Link Up



  1. your tutorial is lovely. the clay tags are very sweet. i actually had something in mind like this for penny and i to do over the weekend. i like your doily idea. clever lady. xo

  2. whee, I am excited about the swap!!

  3. I have just finished making some clay ornaments using your how-to guide. I am so thrilled with them, can't wait to see what they look like when they are dry. I just need to source some pretty String. I am thinking how sweet they would look tied onto Christmas gifts wrapped in brown paper. Thankyou for sharing Christina, and thanks for the inspiration x

  4. hello.. :) how would someone take part in the swap? I dont have a blog up and running yet, (soon) I would love to partake. my email is is this helps any.
    ps love you blog!

  5. I'm a bit slow off the mark in making but have collected all the bits and pieces together. Making will start this week and be mailed off in plenty of time! Meanwhile I have a few links to go and visit!


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