Thursday, November 28, 2013

Made By Hand

Custom order

It is the season to be crafty! And I am feeling particularly inspired after reading the lovely comments on the Handmade Christmas Giveaway post. I love hearing about the handmade touches you add to make your Christmas special. I'm also delighted to read about the thoughts and love that go in to your gifts and decorations. 

This past week there has been a start on the Christmas crafting, a finished custom ordered pendant, a new collection of beads in the shop, and work on a few pairs of earrings, which I hope to share with you soon. My advent calender supplies arrived in the post, (hooray!) so I believe that will be our next project. Though I am looking forward to a bit of card making, wrapping paper decorating and a touch of Christmas baking too. 

Only a couple more days until we put up the tree. Our tradition is to wait until the 1st of December. How I looked forward to that job as a child! The excitement has returned now, as a parent. Cohen usually starts out with much excitement and hangs several ornaments, before sitting back and supervising the rest of the proceedings. But secretly, I don't mind. I love decorating the tree.

Have you been crafting or making this week?
Will you have a Christmas tree?
When do you put it up?


  1. We have a real tree every year, my Dad goes out hunting for a good one, (last year it was growing just 200mtrs from our house, on the side of the road), so usually we only get it the week prior to Christmas. It smells so good. I'm not a fan of decorating the tree, I like it simple, but this year I thought we might string some popcorn and dried cranberries to go around.

  2. Mostly it's been about sewing this week. Haphazardly but making progress!

    We are talking about collecting some driftwood to make a mini (tiny!) tree. I think it will be a bit like a teepee if we find the right pieces of wood. We are well on our own this year (other side of the country from family and friends) and we are also imagining a quiet, slow christmas as we prepare for our baby's arrival, so it seems to be the perfect time to discuss traditions, expectations and ideas around what christmas is for us and will be for our growing family. I'm looking forward to it.

    Melania x

  3. We usually put the tree up on the 1st December too,
    and always have a new decoration each for the children.
    They love that - and also love looking back at the decorations they
    made when they were little!

  4. We have been focused on Thanksgiving this week...churning out pies!
    We will start preparing for Christmas next week!

  5. That custom necklace is beautiful, so beautiful!
    We will decorate the tree as soon as the boys have finished school. It has become a marker for them that the holidays have started :)
    This week I have finished up some knitting and frogged a jumper. I am planning some sewing very soon.....

  6. I'm new here and what a lovely space this is. I love your custom necklace and it sounds like there will be a great deal of excitement around the 1st in your home. We usually get a real tree so we wait a bit, otherwise it looks pretty glum by the time Christmas arrives. I haven't given Christmas any thought this year as I've been preparing for a gifts evening. Enjoy your week xo

  7. Beautiful new beads! We tend to wait until a week or two into December to put up a tree, but we have had our tradtional to Liberties in London to each choose a bauble so I'm waiting patiently to put them up. :-)

  8. My machine has been humming along none stop each night after Jarvis goes to bed, I have found my sewing mojo again! Which balances our days spent building the garden.


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