Sunday, December 1, 2013

The First Day of Christmas & A Winner

Ta-dah! We used glassine bags and black sticker numbers from eBay, and decorated them with washi tape from @rabbitandtheduck and a doily stamp, then popped two chocolates in each bags. #adventcalender #kidscrafting #glassinebags
Our pinterest inspired advent calender, made from glassine bags, number stickers, washi tape and a doily stamp.
Simple, fun and child-craft friendly.
I do love putting up the tree with the little ones! #firstdayofchristmas #christmastree #hooray

It's been a wonderful first day of Christmas in these parts. Brunch on the beach, treasure hunting, advent calender crafting, tree decorating and dinner out together. A wonderful and special day indeed.

On top of which, I am pleased to announce the winner of the Handmade Christmas Giveaway. Thank you so much to everyone who entered and all the beautiful, inspiring comments you left, for the makers who donated their wares, and everyone who has supported them, and me.

So, thanks to, the winner is - Mamatribe!
All thirteen gifts will be on their way to you shortly.


  1. Congratulations Bec!!

    I love your advent calendar Christina!

  2. Your advent calendar is inspiring mine, still in the works....

  3. Oh my VERY goodness!!
    Thank you so much Christina, and all the beautiful and talented makers for such lovely lovely prizes.
    What a wonderful surprise xx

  4. Just wanted to pipe in and say congratulations on your baby news! Sorry I am very late, and since I've been away a bit from blogland everything seems to have changed! Hope you are feeling better now and reveling in that wonderful middle trimester. Talk soon xo


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